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Freddie Fiction, the man of many faces, a singer/ songwriter, producer, award-winning director, and social activist, shares compelling new pop single 'Lie To Me.’

If you think Freddie Fiction looks familiar that is because Freddie Fiction is pop star Haroon’s music alter ego.  He created Freddie Fiction to release music that explores a totally different musical side and focuses on fans of English songs. He says: “I chose the name “Freddie” as a tribute to one of my favourites, Freddie Mercury, and “Fiction” because this is a fictional alter ego of sorts. The plan is to attempt to push the boundaries of my song writing and music creation skills and often the lyrics touch on topics that address global social issues.”


Freddie Fiction’s first single, ‘Just Let Me Breathe’ released in December 2020, focused on the Black Lives Matter movement. The music video for that is powerful and worth watching.


Just Let Me Breathe Music Video


His subsequent single, ‘Avenger,’ was a powerful tribute to the strong women in one’s life and makes use of superhero metaphors in the lyrics.

Avenger Music Video


Today, Freddie Fiction unveils another nugget from the Freddie Fiction experience with the new single, 'Lie To Me'. Composed and produced by Freddie Fiction and mixed by Bob Horn, a multi-platinum selling and Grammy Award-winning Producer and Mixing Engineer in Los Angeles.

'Lie To Me' is upbeat, melodious and catchy yet the lyrics have a dark romantic twist, suggesting sometimes it is better to live in denial than face the painful truth.

At first glance, the 'Lie To Me' music video is centered around breath-taking visuals, but the logistics and altitude difference behind obtaining these shots is what sets it apart from other music video shoots.

'Lie To Me' was filmed on two different continents. In Africa, at sea level, on the sun-drenched beaches of Zanzibar, and in Asia, 2,800 meters above sea level, on the snowy peaks of  Pakistan’s Himalayas on the snowy peaks of Mushkpuri. A record for a music video film shoot with the greatest disparity in altitude.


The peak's unbelievable views were worth the ice slipping and feet blisters. The music video shows a pilot his plane crashing into the snowy peaked Himalayan mountain ranges. He knows that he is hundreds of miles from civilisation, and out there in the cold without provisions, he will likely die. However, in his mind, he conjures up an alternate reality. He envisions himself on a sun-drenched beach with a beautiful woman (perhaps the target of his affections). In the end, as the snow falls around him and it's getting dark, the temperatures drop below freezing. He settles down and closes his eyes with a smile because in his mind, he is somewhere else and happy. The last shot is of the two of them together at the sun-drenched beach. Did he perish on that mountain or did he make it out to reunite with the girl. That's for the viewer to watch and decipher”.

About Freddie Fiction

Born in London to a New Zealand mother and Pakistani father, pop star Haroon, sold millions of singles and albums worldwide and has performed at large venues such as the iconic Wembley Arena.

After a decade of success with Haroon, he founded Unicorn Black animation studios and reinvented himself as a Peabody award-winning and Emmy nominated director/producer of the female superhero animated action comedy TV series Burka Avenger. The show was filled with women empowerment and anti-discrimination themes. The TV series won critical acclaim and awards, going on to be dubbed in ten languages with four season of 52 episodes being broadcast on TV in multiple countries.


Finally, as Freddie Fiction, the man of many faces, aims to share with the world songs taken from the 1,000 English compositions he has written over the last decade. "Lie To Me" is the first of many major releases to come. It's time to enter the Freddie Fiction experience.

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